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Vernon Kilns Early California

Vernon Kilns Early California Demi Set

Vernon Kilns Early California Demi Set

Launched in 1934, Vernon Kilns Early California dinnerware is characterized by two concentric rings and a zigzag moderne angular design. By 1937, glazes included: yellow, turquoise, green, brown, dark blue, light blue, ivory, orange (red) and pink. Maroon and white were also added at some point, but are rarer. By 1946, colors were scaled back, produced in blue, green, peach, turquoise and yellow. The lineĀ disappears from company price lists by 1950.

Throughout the dinnerware line’s comparatively long run, it went through several design style changes. Earlier handled pieces, such as cups and beverage servers, have an angled handle. In the late 1930s, possibly with the launch of Modern California in 1938, the line is rounded out with softer shape. At this point the color palette in Early California shifts as well, the bright, bold colors are toned down, and the high gloss light yellow and pink colors become more prominent.

Like many Vernon Kilns lines, Early California shares shapes with other dinnerware lines – in particular, the disk pitcher, tumblers and butter with Ultra California.

Vernon Kilns Early California Piece List

Ashtray3" square, individual
Ashtray4.5" square, regular
Ashtray5.5" round
Bowl5.5" fruit bowl
Bowl7.25" coupe soup bowl
Bowl6" cereal bowl
Bowl6" chowder bowl (angled handles)
Bowl6" lug soup bowl
BowlLid, lug soup bowl
Bowl, serving7.5" round
Bowl, serving8.5" round
Bowl, serving10" oval
Bowl, serving10" oval, divided
Bowl, serving13" salad, round
Bowl, serving15" salad, round
Bowl, mixing5" round
Bowl, mixing6" round
Bowl, mixing7" round
Bowl, mixing8" round
Bowl, mixing9" round
Buffet server3-part
Butter dishEarly (knob finial)
Butter dishLater (rectangular - shared with Ultra)
CasseroleAngled handles
CasseroleRound handles
Coffee pot2-cup, AD
Coffee server / carafeRound, with lid
Coffee server / carafeAngled, with lid
Comport, footed9.5"
Creamer, individualAngled
Sugar, individual, openAngled
CreamerRound (optional lid)
SugarRound, with lid
Cup / saucer, demitasseRound
Cup / saucer, demitasseAngled
Tea cup / saucerRound
Tea cup / saucerAngled
Egg cup
Jam jar5", with lid
Muffin tray9", tab handled with lid
Pitcher, disk
Pitcher, 1-pintBulb base
Pitcher, 1-quartBulb base
Pitcher, tankard, 1.5-quartAngled
Coaster / cup warmer4.5"
Plate, bread & butter6.5"
Plate, salad7.5"
Plate, luncheon (small)8.5"
Plate, luncheon (standard)9.5"
Plate, dinner10.5"
Plate, divided grill11"
Plate, divided grill, tray13.5 x 10.5"
Plate, chop, small12"
Plate, chop, medium14"
Plate, chop, large17"
Plate, pickle9"
Platter, oval, small10.5"
Platter, oval, medium12"
Platter, oval, large14"
Platter, oval, extra large16"
Plate, relish, 3-part7 x 10"
Gravy boatAngled
Gravy boatRound
Gravy boat, fast standRound
Shakers, salt & pepper
Tumbler #14.5", banded rim and base
Tumbler #24.5" rings, bulge top
Tumbler #3a3.75", bulb bottom, often found with bakelite/metal handle
Tumbler #45", flared top (Ultra)
Tumbler #3b3.75" bulb bottom, pottery handle

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