Pacific Pottery Hostess Ware

Pacific Pottery Hostess Ware

Pacific Pottery Hostess Ware Coffee Pot

I’ve been working on some stylized representation of dinnerware – specifically looking to recreate an airbrush style in my quest to create some faux vintage Pacific Pottery Hostess Ware advertising.  I ended up using gradients in Illustrator to produce that effect. I considered using gradient mesh, but it’s a lot more work, and these pieces didn’t seem to need it!

To start the process, I placed images of dinnerware on the artboard and drew around the shapes. Instead of trying to do the whole shape at once, I did half of the body and then reflected the image so that there were two even halves. I got much better curves when creating separate paths for the handles and spouts – it also really helped when applying different gradients as it helped the elements of the piece stand out.

The thing to watch out for is making sure the perspective on the piece is similar from the original source image. The individual demi pot seems to be more of a straight-on shot, while the tea and coffee pot were shot at a very slight down angle. This could be fixed on the demi pot by deepening the curves of the lid, rings and base.

The letters were redrawn off of an original Pacific advertising piece.

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