Bauer Coffee Pot 360

As part of the 3D project, I modeled this Bauer snub-nosed coffee pot in a 360 degree view in 10 degree increments. The images are uploaded to my Spinzam 306 account, which turns the images into an interactive view.

QwkDog 3D Bauer Pottery Batter Bowl

Wrapping Up Kitchen Bowls

I’m about 100 models in now on the Bauer project. This set features the two batter bowls, beater pitcher with lid, and beater bowl. 

QwkDog 3D Bauer Pottery Teapot

And Back to Bauer

Finally took a break from the distraction of making chrome barware to soldier on through some of the Bauer models. I was dreading making the teapots (the spouts, actually), but it seems that lots of practice has improved my modeling skills.