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Franciscan Coronado

Franciscan Coronado Advertisement

Franciscan Coronado Advertisement

Gladding-McBean’s second dinnerware offering, Franciscan Coronado, followed shortly after the introduction of El Patio in 1935. Featuring an elegant swirled pattern (a style Metlox copied for their Yorkshire line in 1937), Coronado was initially offered as a limited short set in matte ivory, green, and blue. As the line grew in popularity, additional pieces and colors were were added, including satin turquoise, yellow, and coral, as well as gloss yellow, turquoise, coral, and maroon. By the end of its long run in 1954, the entire line only included roughly 40 pieces. Tea and coffee services were very popular and are easily found today.

Franciscan Coronado Place Setting

Franciscan Coronado Place Setting (click to enlarge)

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