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Franciscan Montecito

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Gladding-McBean Franciscan Montecito

Spurred on by their success, Gladding-McBean introduced Montecito in 1937. Montecito had angles where El Patio was round. Montecito came in Eggplant (purple), Coral, Turquoise, Celadon Green, Yellow, Satin Grey and Satin Ivory colors. Through its run from 1937 until 1942, the Montecito line included roughly 40 standard dinnerware items. In 1938, GMcB glazed Montecito in their signature duo-tone glazes, with combinations of Grey/Maroon, Coral/Turquoise, and Green/Yellow, often mixed between satin and gloss glazes.

Del Oro, a yellow/white gloss glaze on the Montecito shape, was offered from around 1938-39, and in line with their move to hand-painted dinnerware, the Mango and Willow patterns had a short lived run in 1938.

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