Bauer Pottery Piece List
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Bauer Pottery Colorways (pre-1941)
California Colored Pottery

Designed by Louis Ipsen, featuring bright glazes produced by Victor Houser, and masterfully executed by potter Matt Carlton, Bauer launched their California Colored Pottery line in 1930. The first colors in the lineup included Chinese yellow, Delphinium blue, and Jade green. Over the next few years, Bauer added orange-red, cobalt blue, and black. Following a trend in more casual dining brought on by the Great Depression, customers were encouraged to create mix-and-match sets. Bauer offered the “ringware” version of the pottery in 1933, but continued to produce some plainware items until at least 1941.

Bauer introduced Hi-Fire around 1937 using a new talc-based clay that made the pottery more durable. While primarily an art- and gardenware line, Hi-Fire included some kitchenware pieces. Compared to standard ringware, the pottery is much thicker.


Through the 1930s, ringware came in a wide variety of colors, including Chinese Yellow, Jade Green, Royal Blue, Delph Blue, Ivory, Black, Burgundy, Orange-Red and White. The company introduced a light brown or rust color in the early 1940s. Gray, Olive Green, and Chartreuse were added in the late 1940s or early 1950s. While Bauer continued to introduce new colors in the 1940s, they stopped adding pieces to the ringware lineup as consumers moved on to other trends.

The following Bauer Pottery piece list includes items from their standard ringware dinnerware line, along with relevant pieces from the Hi-Fire series and plainware items that Bauer continued to produce through the early 1940s. I compiled the list based on available reference books, company catalogs, other collectors, and historical online auctions. Where known, accessory pieces like copper, wood, and iron racks and holders have been included. Stock numbers from the 1941 catalog are shown. Any ringware piece without a number was no longer in production by 1941. View the 1941 catalog here.

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Cups & Mugs


Mug, 12 oz.

Tall Mug

A.D Cup & Saucer

Jumbo Coffee Cup

Punch or Teacup

Coffee Cup & Saucer


Cup & Saucer

Tall Mug, 5.5”

Mug, 8 oz.

Beer Stein, 4.5”



Tumbler, 12 oz.

Tumbler, 6 oz.

Tumbler, 3 oz.

Tumbler, 3 oz (handled)

Barrel Tumbler (copper handle)




Tumbler, 3 oz.

Known Accessories

Copper & Raffia Handle (barrel tumbler)

Copper & Wooden Handle (tumbler, 6 oz. & 12 oz.)

Carafes & Pitchers


Beer Pitcher

Ball Pitcher 

Wine Carafe

Coffee Carafe, 8-cup

Coffee Carafe, 6-cup

San Diego Intl. Expo Carafe (1935-36)

Ice Lip Pitcher

Pitcher, 3-qt.

Pitcher, 2-qt.

Pitcher, 1-qt.

Pitcher, 1.5-pt.

Restyled Pitcher, 6.5” 

Restyled Pitcher, 5.5”


Stoneware Pitcher, 5.5”

Stoneware Pitcher, 7.5”

Coffee Server, 9.5”

Known Accessories

Iron Beverage Rack (wine server, 6 tumblers)

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Tea & Coffee Pots


Drip Coffee Pot, 8-cup

Coffee Pot, 6-cup

Teapot, 6-cup

Individual Teapot, 2-cup

Creamer & Sugar

Midget Creamer & Sugar


Individual Coffee Server, 2 -cup, 5.5”

Teapot, 6-cup

Creamer & Sugar

Midget Creamer & Sugar

Known Accessories

Copper Holder (midget creamer & sugar)

Individual Bowls


Berry Bowl, 4.25” dia.

Cereal Bowl, 4.5” dia.

Soup Plate, 7.5” dia.

Lug Soup Bowl with Lid, 5” dia.

Lug Soup Bowl, 6” dia.

Custard, 3.5” dia.

Fruit Bowl, 5” dia.

Individual Baker, 4” dia.

Sherbet, 4” dia.



Individual Ramekin, 4.5”

Sherbet, 4” dia.

Known Accessories

Wire Rack (custard dishes)

Wire Rack (individual bakers)

Serving Bowls


Serving Bowls

Oval Vegetable Bowl, 10”

Oval Vegetable Bowl, 8”

Divided Oval Vegetable Bowl, 10”

Salad Bowl, 14”

Salad Bowl, 12”

Salad Bowl, 9”

Punch Bowls

Punch Bowl, 14”

Punch or Salad Bowl, 11”

Punch or Salad Bowl, 9”

Pedestal Bowl, 14”

Nappy Bowls

Nappy Dish, #9, 9.5”

Nappy Dish, #8, 8.5”

Nappy Dish, #7, 7.5”

Nappy Dish, #6, 6.5”

Nappy Dish, #5, 5.5”


Pudding Dishes

Pudding Dish #6, 10”

Pudding Dish #5, 9”

Pudding Dish #4, 8”

Pudding Dish #3, 7”

Pudding Dish #2, 6”

Pudding Dish #1, 5”

Serving Bowls

Salad Bowl, 10.5”

Salad Bowl, 8.25”

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Kitchen Bowls


Mixing Bowls

#9, 1 gal., 10”

#12, 2.5 qt., 9”

#18, 1.5 qt., 8”

#24, 1 qt., 7”

#30, 1.5 pt., 6”

#36, 1 pt., 5”

Batter Bowls

Batter Pitcher, 1-qt.

Batter Pitcher, 2-qt.

Beater Bowl, 1-qt.

Beater Pitcher, 1-qt. (with optional lid)


Mixing Bowl Jumbo Sizes

#1, 3.5 gal., 16”

#2, 2.75 gal., 15”

#3, 2 gal., 14”

#4, 1.5 gal., 13”

#6, 1.25 gal., 12”

Mixing Bowl Standard Sizes

#9, 1 gal., 10”

#12, 2.5 qt., 9”

#18, 1.5 qt., 8”

#24, 1 qt., 7”

#30, 1.5 pt., 6”

#36, 1 pt., 5”

Known Accessories

Copper Rack (#18 mixing bowl)

Copper Holder & Ice Tongs (#30 mixing bowl)

Plates & Platters


Individual Plates

Dinner Plate, 10.5”

Luncheon Plate, 9.5”

Salad Plate, 7.5”

BnB Plate, 6”

BnB Plate, 5”

Grill Plate, 10” (later, plain)

Grill Plate, 8” (later, plain)

Serving Platters

Chop Plate, 17”

Chop Plate, 14”

Chop Plate, 12.5”

Divided Relish, 10.5”

Oval Platter, 12”

Oval Platter, 9”


Individual Plates

Dinner Plate, 10.5”

Luncheon Plate, 9”

Salad Plate, 7.5”

Bread & Butter Plate, 6”

Grill Plate, 10.5”

Grill Plate, 8”

Butter Chip, 4”

Serving Platters

Chop Plate, 15”

Chop Plate, 12.5”

Divided Relish Plate, 12.5”



Cookie Jar

Stacking Refrigerator Jars

Spice Jar #3

Spice Jar #2

Spice Jar #1


Spice Jar #3, 6.75”

Spice Jar #2, 6”

Spice Jar #1, 4.5”

Refrigerator Jar Set

Marmalade Jar, 3.75”

Known Accessories

Copper Rack (refrigerator jars)




Salt & Pepper (with copper holder)

Salt & Pepper, Tall

Salt & Pepper, Ovoid

Pickle Dish

Butter Dish, Oblong

Butter Dish, Round

Ice Bucket with Lid

Creamer, 1-pt. (syrup)

Honey Pot

Mustard Jar


Casserole, 1-pt., 6”

Casserole, 1-qt., 6.5”

Casserole, 1.5-qt., 7.5”

Casserole, 2-qt., 9”


Ashtray, Round, 2″

Ashtray, Round, 3”

Ashtray, Round, 4”

Hat Ashtray, 4”

Individual Ashtrays, 3” & 4” (with copper rack)

Cigarette Jar (with iron holder)



Beanpot, 3-qt., 7.5”

Beanpot, 2-qt., 6.5”

Beanpot, 1.5-qt., 5.5”

Beanpot, 1-qt., 4.5” (double handle)

Beanpot, 1-qt., 4.5” (single handle)

Individual Beanpot, 1-pt., 4”

Known Accessories

Copper Holder (regular salt & pepper shakers)

Copper Holder (individual ashtrays)

Copper Rack (all casserole sizes)

Iron Holder (cigarette jar)

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