Tudor Pottery
QwkDog 3d Tudor Pottery Carafe Set

Tudor Potteries started in 1927 as a tile manufacturer. Their plant was located in the industrial Los Angeles suburb of Vernon, California at 5848 South Santa Fe Avenue (just a few blocks away from Vernon Kilns). The catalog shown below from the early 1930s features decorative tile used primarily for residential and commercial purposes. Tudor also produced other decorative tile used in tables and plaques. With the Southern California housing market bust of the late 1920s and early 1930s, Tudor switched production to gift- and dinnerware around 1934. Common Tudorware glazes included red, green, blue, yellow, and ivory in a matte finish (but not always!). Novelty items are often found with their foil “Hollywood Ware” labels intact. Tudor sold to a company called California Art Products in 1934.

QwkDog Tudor Pottery Label 03
Tudor Pottery foil labels, 1930s
QwkDog Tudor Pottery Label 01
QwkDog Tudor Pottery Label 02
Tudor Tile

Tudor used a silk-screening method in the production of their tile designs. In this process, the pattern is outlined on the surface of the tile and colored glazes applied through silk-screening. This method allowed for fast production.

In addition to wall and floor tile, Tudor produced decorative tile panels. This particular example with Flamenco dancers is set in iron. Tudor Tile tables were popular as well.

QwkDog 3D Tudor Tile Flamenco
QwkDog Tudor Tile Backstamp
Tudor Pottery & Tile Catalog (1931)