Art Deco Barware

With the repeal of Prohibition in 1933 and the Depression requiring industrial manufacturers to rethink their business models, many companies began producing inexpensive giftware items. East coast companies, including Chase Chrome, Revere Copper, Manning-Bowman, Farber Bros., and Forman Bros. (among others), recruited prominent designers of the period to craft elegant cocktail sets in the “modern” style. Glassware companies also caught up with the craze, producing various cocktail sets.

Everything in this portfolio is modeled using 3D software (Blender and Adobe Substance), and all graphic designs are reproduced in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to original specifications. Many examples below are linked to posts with more information on the object’s history and design.

Spotlight on Design

QwkDog 3D Bauer Pottery Art Deco
Bauer Pottery and Manning-Bowman Connoisseur Cocktail Shaker (1936)

Many companies created go-alongs for pottery sold in the 1930s, including holders, handles and stands. This ice bucket example features a Bauer Pottery #30 mixing bowl with a copper stand and ice tongs. Manning-Bowman produced the Connoisseur cocktail shaker in 1936.

Channeling Jean Harlow

This 3D scene images the actress Jean Harlow in an elegant art deco room, perhaps imagining herself as the woman in the painting. Artwork by Tamara de Lempicka, “Portrait de Marjorie Ferry,” 1932.

QwkDog 3D Jean Harlow 16x9
QwkDog 3D Art Deco Shaker - Zeppelin
Unknown, "Zeppelin" Shaker
QwkDog Design Tam O'Shanter Cocktail Set
Tam-O-Shaker, Seymour Products Co., Seymour, CT
QwkDog Design Kromex Konga Shaker
Kromex Konga Shaker
QwkDog 3D Art Deco Shaker - Revere Empire
Revere "Empire" Shaker
QwkDog 3D Art Deco Shaker - Forman Bros
Forman Bros. Shaker
QwkDog 3D Art Deco Bel Geddes Manhattan Shaker Set
Revere Bel Geddes Manhattan Cocktail Set
QwkDog 3D Art Deco Shaker - Farber Bros
Farber Bros. "Bubble" Shaker
QwkDog 3D Art Deco Shaker - Revere Zephyr
Revere "Zephyr" Shaker
QwkDog 3D Art Deco Shaker
Manning-Bowman Shaker
QwkDog 3D Art Deco Shaker - Manning Bowman Connoisseur
Manning-Bowman "Skyscraper" Shaker
QwkDog 3D Art Deco Shaker
Manning-Bowman Shaker
QwkDog 3D Revere Zephyr Cocktail Shaker Set
Revere "Zephyr" Shaker Set
QwkDog 3D Art Deco Shaker - Blue Glass
Unknown, blue glass shaker set
QwkDog Art Deco 3D Drink Caddy
Unknown, drink caddy
QwkDog Art Deco Bar Cart Scene
Art Deco bar cart
QwkDog 3D Art Deco Rocket Shaker Set
Godinger "Rocket" Shaker Set

Created in Blender

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