QwkDog 3D Heywood Wakefield Metlox Pintoria

Metlox Pintoria & Heywood-Wakefield

The 3D modeled scene showcases Metlox Pottery’s iconic Pintoria dinnerware line (1937-39) with one of Mondrian’s major works, “Broadway Boogie-Woogie” (1942-43, 50x50in) on a Heywood-Wakefield C2932 G table (1936-39) and 1930s Heywood dining chairs. The carafe is from Metlox’s early 100 Series line.

The first set of Pintoria I saw was at the 2015 Los Angeles Pottery Show. The show had just opened and the set sold almost immediately for the $1800 price tag (the set includes pieces from the 200 Series line as shown). I probably would have bought it if someone hadn’t beaten me to it first.

The good news it was fairly simple to model the Pintoria line. There aren’t a lot of pieces and the shape isn’t complicated with the exception of the creamer and sugar, which took the better part of a morning to get right. Once modeled, the dinnerware can be set in any scene. I chose a period-appropriate Heywood-Wakefield dining set to model (because it’s my favorite furniture!) and set if off with the Mondrian work that started it all. The pendant light is modeled after an original art deco ceiling fixture. One of the most exciting things about 3D modeling is that you can create any environment within your technical ability.

Set modeled late December 2020

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December 27, 2020


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Heywood-Wakefield, Metlox Pottery