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Vernon Kilns began its existence as Poxon China, founded by George J.W. Poxon in 1912 in Vernon, California. In its early days, Poxon produced ceramic tile, shifting production to earthenware and restaurant-ware around World War I. They also produced a limited amount of artware and vases. After struggling through the Great Depression, Poxon was purchased by Faye G. Bennison in 1931 and renamed as Vernon Kilns. In 1933, an earthquake destroyed all of the existing Poxon stock. The damage to the plant’s beehive kilns and loss of stock prompted a complete redesign of the company’s dinnerware molds. The company reinvented itself under the direction of its art department, lead by designers Jane Bennison, May and Vieve Hamilton, and Harry Bird. In 1936, Gale Turnbull joined as their art director and revitalized their dinnerware lines. One of the first shapes released after the redesign was called Montecito, used in dinnerware lines through 1958, when the company closed their doors. Many of the popular Vernonware lines lived on at Metlox, who purchased the molds and trademarks. They continued to manufacture many Vernon patterns in their new Vernonware division.

Dinnerware Lines

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Harry Bird


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