Pacific Pottery Buyer’s Guide [1935-36]

Pacific Pottery Buyer’s Guide featuring Hostessware, Decorated Ware, and Artware. Circa 1935-1936.

Pacific Pottery Price Guide [1934]

In 1934, Pacific produced two separate wholesale price guides, both of which I only have copies of. The first guide was published in a small quick flip format. At some point during 1934, Pacific published a second, more expansive guide. This was reproduced in the 1980s and is known as the Pacific “blue book” (it sometimes turns up on eBay). Unfortunately, the photostatic images in that guide are of poor quality. However, it does showcase additional gardenware and Hostessware pieces. Pacific increased their prices between the two guides by about 10-15%. The example shown here is one that I created primarily from the better quality flip guide. I included some additional price lists from the blue book.

Pacific Pottery Artware Guide [mid-1930s]

Pacific Pottery Artware wholesale guide, mid-1930s

Pacific Pottery Architectural Designs [1930?]

These images were actually published as blueprints I was able to copy from another collector’s copy. I redrew all of the blueprints in Illustrator. Several of these designs are references in the 1934 wholesale guides.

Pacific Pottery Stoneware Catalog [1920s]

Pacific Pottery stoneware catalog from late 1920s.

Pacific Clay Products Drain & Tile Catalog [late 1920s]

Pacific Clay Products drain, tile and brick catalog, circa 1928