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Pacific Pottery Artware Vases

Pacific Pottery Artware #4601 Dancing Girl Vase and #4600 Bubble Girl Vase

Pacific Pottery Artware & Gardenware

Early Pacific Pottery Artware and Gardenware is extremely desirable and very difficult to find. You can find early artware is glazed in the same colors as early Hostessware: Apache Red, Yellow, Green and Pacific Blue, but also a selection of custom glazes – both solids and blends. The later artware line is much more common, and pieces can easily be found at low prices.

Towards the late 1930s, artware took on a more fanciful form and the Pacific Pottery artware division began to glaze primarily in matte pastel colors popular in the day. Typical colors include (in matte) white, light green, light yellow, light blue, and (in gloss) pink and aqua. Two-tone blends are also common. In the later artware line (post-1935), there close to 400 documented pieces. Towards the end of pottery production, later artware can be found in Coralitos glazes, and many artware pieces carry the Coralitos brand sticker.

Check out my Pinterest Pacific Pottery artware board for images and reference numbers. Follow the links below for additional information on early and late period art and gardenware.

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