1930s Games

In the 1920s, the Knapp Electric and Novelty Company introduced Krazy Ikes; a wooden construction set that children could use to “build a thousand funny things — all different.” The set contained a variety of heads, connectors, and body parts in red, yellow, and blue that snapped together.

As Krazy Ikes gained popularity, the company released a Krazy Ikes Game in the 1930s (later called Ike-a-Doo). While the toy set was essentially unchanged through the 1940s, the Whitman Publishing Company purchased the rights to Krazy Ikes and began producing the set in plastic around the late 1940s. Krazy Ikes were still in production through the 1960s.

Knapp Electric specialized in designing and manufacturing electrical equipment and systems in addition to novelty toys and games. Founded in 1886 in Cleveland, Ohio, they operated until the mid-1990s. 

This scene features a recreated box from the original 1930 set.

QwkDog Design Krazy Ikes Jumperikes
QwkDog Design Krazy Ikes Box Scene
QwkDog Design Krazy Ikes Box Top
QwkDog Design Krazy Ikes Jumperikes

January 2, 2023


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1930s Games