QwkDog 3D Heywood-Wakefield Rohde Scene

Gilbert Rohde for Heywood-Wakefield

QwkDog 3D Heywood-Wakefield Rohde Scene - Hutch

This 3D modeled scene features a dining set designed by Gilbert Rohde for the furniture manufacturer Heywood-Wakefield accented with modern art and pieces from both the art deco, streamline moderne, and post-modern periods.

Heywood-Wakefield offered the Rohde dining set in Champagne, Wheat, Amber, Bleached or Modern Walnut finishes. In creating the models, I opted for the darker Amber finish which was more prominent on 1930s pieces. Buyers could customize the chair upholstery and I opted for an electric blue leather material to set off the Du Pasquier “Ecuador” rug.

3D Models

The following 3D models were built for this scene.

Gilbert Rohde for Heywood-Wakefield

C2932G Extension Table (1936-39)

C2794C Arm Chair (1936-41)

C2794A Side Chair (1936-41)

C2910 Center Cabinet (1936)

C2914L & C2914R Left and Right Pier Cabinets (1936)

C2912 Shelf (1936)

C2917 Server (1936)

Memphis Group

Kyoto Table, Shiro Kuramato (1983)

Rug “Equador,” Natalie Du Pasquier (1985)

Curtains inspired by George Sowden designs (1980)


“Santos,” Alexander Calder (1956)

“Untitled (Head),” Jean-Michel Basquiat (1982)

“Carnaval,” Carlos Merida (1974)


Chase Chrome Taurex “J” Candleholders, Walter Von Nessen (1933-37)

Chase Chrome Horse Bookend, Walter Von Nessen (1933-37)

Revere Ware Empire Cocktail Shaker Set, William Archibald Welden (1938)

Bauer Pottery Pedestal Bowl (1934-37)

Bauer Pottery Vases, Matt Carlton (1934-37)

QwkDog 3D Heywood-Wakefield Rohde Scene - Buffet
QwkDog 3D Heywood-Wakefield Rohde Scene - Chairs
QwkDog 3D Heywood-Wakefield Rohde Scene - Table
QwkDog 3D Chase Von Nessen Horse Bookend
QwkDog 3D Chase Von Nessen Taurex Candleholder
QwkDog 3D Art Deco Revere Shaker Set

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March 14, 2021


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Bauer Pottery, Gilbert Rohde, Heywood-Wakefield, Memphis-Milano