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Carlos Merida was a significant figure in the development of modern art in Latin America. He was born in Guatemala City in 1891 and studied art in Europe in the 1910s and 1920s, where he was influenced by the avant-garde movements of the time. After returning to Guatemala, he became a leading figure in the country’s cultural scene. His abstract and geometric paintings and sculptures were highly influential in developing abstract art in Latin America.

Merida used bright, bold colors and geometric shapes in his work, and his paintings and sculptures often featured elements of Mayan and other indigenous cultures. He was also interested in his time’s social and political issues, and his art often reflected these concerns.

Throughout his career, Merida exhibited his work widely, both in Guatemala and internationally, and his work can be found in galleries and museums around the world. He continued to create art until he died in 1984. His legacy as a pioneer of abstract art in Latin America has continued to be recognized and celebrated in the years since.

Merida continues to be a great source of inspiration in my print and fabric design work. I create Merida-inspired designs as vector illustrations in Adobe Illustrator and custom print my fabric designs at Spoonflower.

Fabric Designs

Carlos Merida created Trajes Regionales Mexicanos, a limited edition folio of 25 silkscreened prints, in 1945. This fabric design features the women in Merida’s work.

QwkDog Merida Native Dress Design
QwkDog Merida Native Dress Design Runner 01
QwkDog Merida Native Dress Design Tablecloth 01

Trajes Regionales Mexicanos, or Mexican regional costumes, are traditional clothing styles specific to different regions of Mexico. These costumes are often worn for cultural events, such as folk dance performances or other cultural festivals, and are an essential part of Mexico’s rich cultural heritage. Each region of Mexico has its unique style of traditional clothing, and the costumes can vary significantly in design, materials, and colors.

I created this go-along pattern as a contrast.

QwkDog Merida Flower Design
QwkDog Merida Flower Design Tablecloth 03
QwkDog Merida Flower Design Runner

A fish pattern inspired by a 1945 print from Trajes Regionales Mexicanos.

QwkDog Merida Pescadore Design
QwkDog Merida Pescadore Design Runner 02
QwkDog Merida Pescadore Design Tablecloth 02

A fish pattern inspired by a map of Mexico from Trajes Regionales Mexicanos.

QwkDog Merida Fish Design
QwkDog Merida Fish Design Tablecloth 03
QwkDog Merida Fish Design Tablecloth 02

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February 23, 2021


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