Fish Series

Tropical Fish is a highly sought after pattern in the Harry Bird lineup. Variations on the Fish pattern, B-203 and Fantail Fish, have been found.

QwkDog 3D Vernon Kilns Harry Bird Tropical Fish Scene Table
Tropical Fish

Based on variety of pieces found in this line, Tropical Fish appears to be one of the more popular Harry Bird designs of the period. No argument here – the super cute angelfish design sets a cheerful table scene. One of the most popular patterns, this line is highly desirable and hard to find. Only a handful of pieces have shown up online over the past few years.


A cousin of Tropical Fish, only a couple of pieces have surfaced over the past few years. This design has been found with two different marks, one early, and a later mark with the Harry Bird signature. I believe that most of the designs were produced on demand for retailers, which is why you may see so few pieces in a particular pattern.


The ultra-rare B-203 fish variant has only been spotted as a dinner plate. It differs from the other Fish patterns in that it was produced on a tan-glazed background similar to Olinala ware.