The home is a traditional New England Greek Revival “side-hall” cape cod farmhouse built around 1860. This style of connected farmhouse became more popular post-1850. Initially, the home would have had four connected components, the central part of the house, the back of the house, commonly used as a summer kitchen, a back connector where you might have your privy or additional storage, and then the barn. As you can see from the photos, the rear connector and barn are long gone, with a two-car garage in its place.

The house sits on a two-acre plot. The front acre is cleared and the back acre is wooded.

Exterior photos from 2018 real estate listing

Exterior photos from 2022 real estate listing

As you can see from the images, there are several major exterior updates, including installing all new windows. The new owners added windows in the side room of the main house and replaced a small window with a larger one in the back room. The side door and decking from the back room were removed. The door and decking will be rebuilt in Spring 2023.

They also replaced the garage doors.

2022-2023 exterior projects

The most immediate issue was the integrity of the roof. The first major post-purchase project was the replacement of the roof and skylights. We removed the pine tree to the right of the house as it had died. 2023 projects include shingle repair/replacement, gutter replacement, trim repainting, and staining the entire house. Another to-be-determined project is the building of a four-season porch behind the garage in an area that was already framed.

I painted the exterior door dark blue and made a historical sign. The chainsaw lobster was a purchase from an artist up the road.