Fruit & Flower Designs

Pacific produced a wide variety of fruit and flower designs as decorated ware. While uncommon in any pattern, you’re more likely to find Fruit, Wheat and Willow from this group.


There are many pattern variants in the “Fruit” family. Standalone patterns include Grape, Pumpkin, and Apple. Pacific sold two different “Fruit Sets.” The first included a #663 12″ low bowl with 6 #610 7″ salad plates. The plates included different designs for Pear, Cherries, Apple, Oranges, Grape, and Pineapple. The second set featured the #213 8″ pudding dish with 6 #601 sauce bowls, 2 each of the following patterns: cherries, apples, and oranges. Both sets were available in white, yellow, and green. I’ve seen the plates in green, but not any of the bowls.

Pumpkin and Apple patterns were sold as pie sets with the #638 10″ pie plate (wooden handles included) and 6 #610 7″ salad plates. The Pumpkin set was available in Apache Red and Pacific Blue; the Apple in yellow.

QwkDog 3D Pacific Pottery Hostessware Decorated Fruit Set
Fruit Set in Silver Green, featuring the #663 12" low bowl and six #610 salad plates

I purchased the #235 beanpot, #612 chop plate, and #624 15″ low bowl at the Los Angeles Pottery Show in 2015 formerly from the collection of Jim Lattie (son of Melvin Lattie, Pacific’s sales director in the 1930s). The #623 17″ low bowl was acquired later, also from Jim’s collection. I found the dinner plate on eBay a few years ago.

Chrysanthemum is most commonly found in yellow. The “Sunday Supper Set,” either a 3-piece set (#452 serve-all platter, #236 beanpot with lid) or a 9-piece set (with six luncheon plates), was available in yellow only. Additional pieces have been found in white with burgundy flowers and green with white flowers.


Wheat is one of my favorite patterns. I purchased the beverage set from another collector – I have two serve-all platters in Pacific Blue, one for the beverage set and another that goes with the beanpot (purchased from Bill Stern’s estate). Pacific advertised the 6-piece beverage set (buffet server, four tumblers, and serve-all platter) in 1935 for $8.65.