Better Homes May 1938 Cover

Spring Vegetable Varieties

Better Homes & Gardens, May 1938

“May’s the month for it – for a crisp green landslide of fresh vegetables offered in a score of teasing new ways. Not the first time, perhaps for there’s just nothing that can tie the tang of baby beets, youthful cabbage, or the first fat garden peas served up in their own birthday flavors, cooked just until tender. But it’s on return calls that we year for variety – new seasonings, different sauces, and little tricks of dressing up the young things for meals in the spring.”

In this feature on spring vegetables, we have the Pacific #617 and #659 platters in Delphinium Blue. The main dish is rice pressed into a loaf pan rice mold, filled with peas and surrounded by “well-seasoned” cabbage wedges and spring beets cooked with tops on.

Better Homes May 1938 Cover Pacific Pottery

Also on the back cover of the magazine, an advertisement for Pillsbury Flour features the Pacific Pottery #617 platter again along with a #619 cake plate in yellow. The display includes Fiesta plates and salt & pepper shakers. While the cocoa scones sound like a nice idea, the “corn and salmon loaf” probably leave something to be desired.

Better Homes May 1938 Pillsbury Pacific Fiesta