Better Homes April 1937 Cover

Adventures in Table Settings

Better Homes & Gardens, April 1937 | Adventures in Table Settings

Between 1936 and 1937 Pacific Pottery launched a nationwide advertising campaign featuring Hostessware in marquis women’s magazines like Better Homes & Gardens. As an advertiser, Pacific enjoyed the benefit of having their wares featured prominently in articles and editorials. In this two-page spread (pages 38-39), table settings incorporating Pacific Hostessware (plain and decorated) are illustrated for the “Spring Breakfast” and “Spring Luncheon” displays.

Better Homes & Gardens April 1937 Adventures in Tablesetting

For a Spring Breakfast

“The cloth with its tulip design appropriately sets the theme for this table setting. On it we’ve used blue and white plaid plates with the rest of the pottery in plain blue and white. Yellow-center tulips with their green leaves are gracefully arranged in a low blue bowl.”

For a Spring Luncheon

“Spring flowers inspired the selection of yellow-linen doilies for this setting on a maple table. The pottery is green and yellow, and the glassware, clear crystal. Note the charming use of four containers for the flowers instead of one.”

Pacific Pottery Decorated Hostessware Advertising - Better Homes April 1937

The display items are only mentioned by brand in a footnote at the bottom of the page.  Pacific advertises their Decorated ware on page 118 (shown below). The breakfast table image is featured again in an advertisement for Tablecraft Cloths and Napkins by Rosemary on page 152.

Sunset Magazine July 1936 Pacific Pottery

The Modern Garden Table

Sunset Magazine, July 1936 | The Modern Garden Table

The star of this July 1936 cover of Sunset magazine is the outdoor table setting designed by two San Francisco area decorators. “The story of this cover centers around the garden table, and the table centers around Ernest Amberg and Hugo Hirth, two young artists who are doing more than their part to promote modern decorative art on the Pacific Coast. In their shop at 165 Post Street. in San Francisco, they sell…only the finest handicraft of western artists – wood carving, metal work, weaving, and pottery.” Their firm, Amberg-Hirth, was well known for promoting area craftspeople and designers.

In the inset for the cover, Pacific Pottery is not mentioned by name, but you can clearly see the stack of BG plaid 613 dinner plates and the 449 and 450 demitasse creamer and sugar. A Bauer Pottery casserole is featured in the display at left.