Pacific Pottery Hostessware Decorated 438 Carafe Red

Pacific Pottery Hostessware Decorated #438 Carafe Unboxing!

In my first unboxing video, we’ll get a first look at a Pacific Pottery Hostessware Decorated #438 Carafe in Apache Red. While in the video, I note that it could be decorated pattern 2002 or 2006 (I was talking off the top of my head – it’s definitely not from the 2002 line). My vote is that it’s either 2006 OR a new decorated pattern that I will call “Two Lines.” Not a very exciting decorated pattern either way, but this is my first decorated carafe and certainly a great add to the collection.

You can also explore the carafe in this 360 degree product view.

1935 San Diego Expo Pacific Pottery Brochure

1935-36 San Diego International Expo

Between 1935-36, San Diego held another exposition at the site of the original 1915 Panama-California Exposition in Balboa Park. The purpose of the expo was to stimulate the local economy as well as promote the area as a destination location. The expo ran from 1935 to 1936.

Building 42 (no longer standing) housed the Hollywood Potteries exhibit, featuring wares from Pacific, Metlox, Catalina Island, Bauer and Gladding-McBean potteries. The postcard below showcases a spectacular display of gardenware. If you look closely, there is a table in the middle featuring decorated Pacific chargers.

1935 San Diego Expo Hollywood Potteries

Pacific Pottery also produced a brochure with their wares. In addition to their display, they sold novelty items, including a cowboy hat glazed in Hostessware colors, and their stoneware honey orange, also in Hostessware colors. The hat shows up from time to time in red and sand glazes, and is very rare in other colors. The oranges are also extremely hard to find.

For fun, I reproduced the brochure using my own collection.

1935 San Diego Expo Pacific Pottery Brochure QwkDog