QwkDog 3D San Jose Pottery Siesta Tile

San Jose Pottery Siesta Tile

QwkDog 3D California Revival Scene

California Revival scene featuring San Jose Pottery, Bauer Pottery, D&M Tile and Monterey chair. The San Jose tile featured in this piece is called “Siesta,” 8″ with decorative ironwork.

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San Jose Pottery Tile Las Sombras

This tilework is called “Las Sombras” or The Shadows. Fernando Ramos used this motif in several different tile sizes and patterns.

San Jose Pottery Flower Tiles

After the 1940s, Mission Crafts, Ethel Harris’s latest incarnation of San Jose Pottery, produced a series of fruit and flower tiles.

San Jose Pottery Tango Gitano Dancer Tiles

This San Jose tile set, “Tango gitano” (Gypsy tango) is a self-portrait of Carla Montel and Fernando Ramos, San Jose’s principal designer..