QwkDog 3D Metlox California Pottery Cup Saucer

The real story behind Metlox California Pottery?

Metlox’s “California Pottery” line (sometimes referred to as the 100 Series) has always been a bit of a mystery. Author of the Metlox Pottery reference book, Carl Gibbs, speculates that this small line was Metlox’s first foray into dinnerware production in 1932. He gives it the 100 Series name as a precursor to the more expansive 200 Series Poppytrail line, which is documented in company brochures. However, collector and researcher Carl Carter recently pulled together a compelling narrative around the California Pottery line’s origins, purpose and timeline that challenge Gibbs’ assumptions. That narrative along with many images of this elusive line is now available on The Maximalist on the new Metlox California Pottery page. Enjoy!